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This is just slaying me. I'm a total teary mess right now. Thank you for sharing this. I am absolutely stealing your dad's line "I don't care if you don't want me, I'm yours."

oh sara, this is beautiful.

You are wonderful...and so is thor. Happy fathers day! What lucky children you have and all of us us who get to know you are pretty damn lucky too :)

That is absolutely beautiful. How fortunate for all of you to have one another. What a great family you have formed forever.

I am just so full of admiration for what you have done with your little family and seeing these photos and hearing your stories about your dad i think i can see a little of where this come from. That last photo just captures parenting so well! You guys are so amazing! (Is there a family day? a parents day? because its just such a team effort)

This is so heartwarming. Little R is so very lucky to have you both!

Tears. This is so beautifully put. You are so lucky to have R in your lives - she's a perfect fit. It's as if she's always been in your hearts.

Well now I'm bawling. Gorgeous Sara. Just gorgeous.

wow. what a stunning post. so honest and open yet still vulnerable. my husband and i have been thinking about adopting for a long time now, and im always so interested to hear adopted children/parents experiences.

What can I say? You're both good parents! When she grows up, I hope she understands the complexities of this world and accepts the fact that love conquers all. Love is all that matters - being faithful with each other forever. There is no need to be blood relatives just to prove that.

I love your blog very much, more more info, I will concern it again!

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