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we miss you guys this morning! hoping you got there safe + sound. jon and i already saying "ah please?" to each other. xoxo

Where is Hugo?

Wonderful photos, you look like you are having a great time!

I especially love the part with Henry & Mega, because that is exactly how our little nephews talk to our cat too, like one day she will just pop up and respond, 'well kind fellow, I'm soaking up the sun and watching the birds on the other side of this glass. Won't you join me?'

So adorable.

I love your insights on Chicago. So glad you enjoyed the city ... we love it too. I have to say that your falafel description (in a jewelry shop) has me curious and hungry. Can you share the details?

re: sage + style. here's the falafel downtown. it's called the oasis cafe + it's inside one of the shops on jewelers row. http://tinyurl.com/3ax95hx used to grab lunch there all the time when i was in school. funny little place. ;)

Ok first off, your pictures are just fabulous, as always. And as my father-in-laws live in Chicago, right above the lake, I am missing it so badly! I'll have to try the falafel place next time for sure. Looks like you all are having quite the adventure!

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