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oh what a wonderful share, my eyes teared up...nothing better than our children laughing, discovering and soaking life up!
Good for you as a growing mother. I too had the no gun rule but oh who can say no to water guns...come on what to do what to do.
Had to have water guns! Then my son for his 4th birthday got some spending money - he loves Star Wars. So off we went to the store and he picks up a nerf like Star Wars gun and says to me "Mom I know you don't like guns, but I would really like to buy this", and he did because he actually understood, and he knew what he wanted and he explained himself. And than darn thing is fun and great to get knock spiders off of high places!

This might sound weird, but when Henry is older we decided that we will have someone teach him how to use a gun. I think that its important that kids understand what they can do. I think that if he ever came across one (we dont have guns) in someones house he would use more common sense knowing it was dangerous.

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