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i'm so glad that you've found some sort of peace out of something so sad, sara. and i'm glad you were able to be there with koko. and now i'm crying at my desk and need to excuse myself to the restroom.


ohhhhh, honey. this is all so heartbreaking but your words are sweet and true. healing.

Geez Louise!!! Now I'm crying. I'm sorry to hear about Koko. Hopefully, she's in kitty heaven playing with all the moss that her heart desires.

I'm sooooo sorry for little Koko. At least she had her time in the woods, a blessing many animals never have. I'm sure my babies would love to run free like she did.

i am so sorry about koko. you did everything you could do in the situation and you made the right choice. how awesome that hugo went to protect her!

oh, sarabee, that last paragraph is so moving. i'm so sorry about koko but glad that her passing brought you a little closure at least. thinking of you--xoxo.

i'm so so sorry for your loss....


I am so sorry for your loss. Your reflection on the connection between losing Koko and losing your mother is very moving. I wish you and your family peace and healing.

Jenny Coes

aw, thank you for sharing your post, especially about your mom. I'm glad that you found some peace at that moment. And I know how you feel losing a pet. My brother is a vet in CA and we all happened to be home one weekend when it became clear that our family dog that we grew up with had to be put down. My brother was the one who put her down and we buried her in the backyard. The grief is so much more than you expect, yes? We were all destroyed that weekend, but we were also glad that we were all there, that my brother was able to do it and she died at home. I'm so glad that you found this comforting connection.

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