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i need that doorbell sign!! i love this, sara! thanks so much for helping to start pin it forward today! so nice to have "met" you. doritos for all! :)

omg!!! the doorbell is AWESOME!!!

great pinboard, sara, thanks for sharing!!

hehehe that doorbell is soo awesome! LOVE your pinterest board, thanks for starting this off for our group!! =)

I love that doorbell! Honestly, I think ringing doors is just rude.

Totally fun kick off pinboard for pin-it-forward! I'm totally into that blanket you shared. Weird...I'm not really even into blankets :)

Thanks so much for getting the event started right. A beautiful pinboard. But of course, I'd expect nothing less from you!

I know! I think that we should make signs and sell them for people's doorbells. So awesome. Thanks for all the comment!

I am officially smitten. I HATE when people ring my doorbell, and I'm not expecting anyone. And my buzzer doesn't work, so my only option is to peek out my window and hope the person at the gate doesn't see me.

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